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Example number 33/34

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To include InterTran in your own site as a free service to visitors you only need to generate the HTML code as described below. You should then copy the generated text, incorporate this text inside the HTML code at your site and send an e-mail to [email protected] with the link to your page.


This is how the generated HTML code appears in your browser:

Steps to create the HTML code:

You must download the images (.gif files) which you see in the above example by clicking here, unzip them and put all of them on your server. On UNIX/Linux servers you might also need to do: chmod 755 *.gif for the images to be readable.
Enter the URL of the images you've downloaded on your server:

e.g.: http://www.mysite.com/myweb/images/


Enter the URL of your page here:


e.g.: http://www.mysite.com/myweb/


Create the HTML code!


Note: Pressing the 'Create the HTML code' button before entering valid data will create invalid HTML code.