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Previous Demo Text Requests

You can see previous demo text requests by clicking on the following link:

InteractiveTran demo - your own text

If you wish to send us your own text, please take the following steps:

For demo purposes, we will translate your text into English, French or German. Only one (1) text example per person will be processed. We will not process texts from people who send more than one text example because of spam. We will also not process texts with inappropriate or abstract content.

Demo Text Request

Text Size Limit: The size of your text should be at least one sentence and at the most a whole page.
My text is written in:
I wish my text to be translated to:
My e-mail address:

InteractiveTran can help you to:

  • Translate web pages written in a foreign language.
  • Translate e-mail messages to/from a foreign language.
  • Read/Write letters, facsimile, reports and memos in a foreign language.
  • Translate manuals and books to/from a foreign language.
  • Interactively learn new words and phrases of a foreign language.
  • Interactively learn how to pronounce new words and phrases of a foreign language.

Price: as low as US$ 39.95 (only for certain language pairs and sizes)

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More Information

For more information about our software please send an e-mail to: [email protected]