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TypingTutor with the aid of QuickLearn technology enables quick and efficient learning of more accurate and faster typing.

With the aid of TypingTutor you will be able to:

1. Learn to type after one hour

During the first hour, provided that on-screen instructions are followed correctly, the user will learn which finger goes on which key.

2. Learn to type more accurately after ten hours

After the first ten hours the user will learn to type more accurately.

3. Learn to type faster and more accurately after more than ten hours

After more than ten hours of work with TypingTutor you will notice a significant improvement in your typing speed.


The main features of TypingTutor's QuickLearn technology are:

1. Learning in waves:

The user goes through all lessons and all typing rules in time-limited waves. Each new wave demands more from the user.

2. Constant progress monitoring:

TypingTutor includes progress monitoring during all waves, review of statistical data and informing the user about the achieved progress.

3. Time limits:

The first waves are time-limited, in order to make sure that the user quickly understands all typing basics and within one hour learns to type correctly.

4. Accuracy:

During learning, accuracy is more important than typing speed.

5. Random letter series:

All tests are done on random letter series, because in this way the user's typing speed will not depend on the chosen text.

6. Anticipated speed:

The real typing speed which you can expect on real-world texts is between 1 and 1.5 characters per second greater than the speed which you can achieve during the lessons.

TypingTutor in action
TypingTutor in action

Keyboard finger placement

This picture represents the correct keyboard finger placement, as well as areas on the keyboard on which you are allowed to use a certain finger. This placement is the most optimal for quick and accurate typing.

Finger placement

Progress review

Before starting to use TypingTutor, here you can determine your goal (desired typing speed). Also you can see various statistics such as your progress review, time needed to achieve your goal, list of high scores as well as various statistical graphic presentations. By clicking on the button "Acknowledge progress review" you will confirm that you are ready to start your learning.

Progress review

Lesson list

Here you can see the list of all available lessons. At the very beginning only the first three lessons are available, while all the other lessons are "locked". These lessons cannot be started as long as all the "unlocked" lessons before them are successfully solved. The lessons will become available in groups of two, e.g. when you solve three lessons at the very beginning then lessons 4 and 5 will become unlocked and when you solve them, lessons 6 and 7 will become unlocked and so on. When you solve all 27 lessons, that is considered to be one "wave". In each following wave in order to complete a lesson you will be required to type a little faster than in the previous wave and this will repeat until you achieve your goal. In this way your typing speed and accuracy will increase from one wave to another wave.

Lesson list

Lesson start

This is an introduction to the lesson which graphically represents keys which will be used in the selected lesson. On this screen you can start a lesson. By pressing the "Correct finger placement" button an even more detailed illustration of the correct finger placement will be shown which is also separately displayed at the top of this page on the picture named "Keyboard finger placement".

Lesson start


This part of the lesson tracks time and accuracy during character input and then puts your result on the list of high scores. Time starts when you begin to type. At the end of your typing the program will present your learning statistics (speed and accuracy) as well as the information whether you have fulfilled the lesson completion conditions or not. With constant exercise you will achieve better and better results with time. When you have fulfilled the lesson completion conditions (specific accuracy and speed) then you gain access to the next lesson.

The TypingTutor interface can be divided into three basic parts:

  1. top part - statistics (in relation to the other individuals and your own statistics)
  2. middle part - task (your current lesson)
  3. bottom part - typing rules (picture of the keyboard with the correct finger placement shown)

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