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Quotes from our satisfied customers

"I have bought the desktop InteractiveTran translation software and after using it for a few days during which I was able to optimize translation alternatives to my liking I find it very useful. I do not believe any other translation product offers such incredibly useful alternative translations without which any translation can be useless. I am planning to buy more software since, as far as I can tell, this is the only site that offers 1600 language pairs. I am also interested in the handheld range of translators. All in all, I am satisfied with the software I bought, range of offered products as well as with their quick email response to all my queries." -- user of Norwegian-English InteractiveTran

"I purchased NeuroTran and find it a very useful tool. I have recommended it to several friends who have purchased it also. I also use a Palm T3 and am interested in using your software for it. I am interested if you have translation software for my handheld device? " -- user of NeuroTran with the Bosnian translation knowledgebase

"I have tried several translation products for Spanish-English from various manufacturers and even though they all claim to have high translation accuracy I was until recently still looking for translation software which would allow me to quickly teach the software which translations I prefer as opposed to the default translations which are in most cases not very useful. Finally I came across your NeuroTran package for Spanish-English. I realize that it is not perfect and cannot always produce a perfect translation but it is the only translation package on the market which allows me to teach it what I want it to do. I can only congratulate your company on producing software that is worth its price. Please continue to improve your product and I will gladly buy future upgrades." -- user of NeuroTran with the Spanish-English translation knowledgebase

"For several years I have been making daily use of InteractiveTran for translating Russian, in conjunction with the supplementary dictionary Russian III. Not long ago I wrote to the distributors from whom I first learned about InteractiveTran to tell them how impressed I was with the product. I should be lost without it!" -- user of InteractiveTran with the Russian dictionary

"I am a professional translator. I have used WordTran for many years and used it for just about everything I translate. Recently I bought InteractiveTran. I use your program about 30 hours a week, every week." -- user of InteractiveTran

"I have been trying to communicate with my relatives in Poland who have no knowledge of English. By some luck, I came across your web page and after a few short emails I realized that I would be able to write in English to my relatives and they would be able to write to me in Polish. Of course, I would be able to use the Polish->English NeuroTran and my relatives the English->Polish NeuroTran side of the Polish-English translation package. I was even more impressed when I was told I could have two copies of the software for the price of one because of my requirement to communicate with my relatives. All I can say is: "IT WORKS!". My Polish relatives are already recommending it to all their friends. Please keep improving your software and please keep me posted on when major upgrades will be available." -- owner/user of two NeuroTran's with the Polish-English translation knowledgebase

"I just received NeuroTran in the mail and I have not started using all the features of the program but it has already increased my productivity by 50% ..." -- user of NeuroTran with the German translation knowledgebase

"In the beginning I thought the program was not very useful, but as I started customizing the dictionary I found out that it got more and more useful up to the point where I now find it very useful and indispensable in my work as a translator." -- user of InteractiveTran with the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary

"Thank you very much for proving such a wonderful program. I have (until yesterday) not been able to converse with my sister-in-law in Hungary in her language for 26 years until I discovered NeuroTran! It's wonderful to know that instead of "fractured" english out of a dictionary I can now "speak" to her in something she can understand. Once again thank you very very much." -- user of NeuroTran with the Hungarian translation knowledgebase

"I have used some of the finest translation tools that there are on the market, but I find that NeuroTran does the same in a fraction of the price. It does not take up many system resources, it is fast and one can customize its dictionaries or create new ones with ease..." -- user of NeuroTran with the Polish translation knowledgebase

"I am amazed at the wide selection of languages that come with your software. Your software is fast, easy to use and takes up very few computer resources. I am very impressed! ... " -- a user who evaluated our demo/shareware version

"I just wanted you to know that your translation software is just great. I can now speak a little sense to my best friend in Denmark (I am from India). Thank you very much. Your translation helped me to deliver a very important message. I wish you guys all the best for your future endeavors. Keep up the good work." -- user of InteractiveTran with the Danish dictionary

"I needed more accuracy than what InteractiveTran could provide so I sent in my document to Translation Experts on a computer disk in .doc format. I was very impressed and happy to see a translation come in the post shortly after I had mailed my original document. I now know that Translation Experts is a company I can rely on to meet all my translation needs including that of very valuable documents for which I trust only humans to do the job properly!" -- user of HumanTran translation service

"I'm a website developer for small businesses, primarily doing work on travel resorts. I noticed that most of the visitors of my site were foreigners visiting the U.S. My clients wanted to be able to provide the websites in several languages. I thought it was going to cost an arm to pay for translators getting $250 for a five page website. Thank goodness your website is out there!" -- user of HumanTran translation service

"Your translator is greatly appreciated and has helped me converse with a Polish friend/business acquaintance effectively...he speaks English, as well." -- user of NeuroTran with the Polish translation knowledgebase

"Thank you for providing such important service for webmasters. Being in the business of helping people with language services we especially appreciate this service that gives visitors a quick way to appreciate your message." -- user of HumanTran translation service

"I just want to take a minute to let you know that I'm experimenting with your program. Recently my husband and I met a Belgian couple who speak mostly French - they have very very weak English skills and we have absolutely NO French skills. I'm in the process of doing my Xmas letters and am attempting to communicate with them in French. Thanks so much for giving us "unknowledgeable" folks the chance to communicate with people from other countries and languages." -- user of NeuroTran with the French translation knowledgebase

"I don't know who you folks are but I must tell you this is a terrific program. It allows me to communicate with extended family in Europe, which would not otherwise be possible." -- user of NeuroTran with the Hungarian translation knowledgebase

"I had someone with the same last name as me find me on the internet. They are Brazilian and only speak Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to your translation we communicate regularly. I told him of your site. My communications to him are in Brazilian Portuguese and he responds in English. Without your help we could not communicate at all. Again I thank you greatly." -- user of InteractiveTran with the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary

"Superb job! I got an email from a person living in Brazil and was able to answer them with the help of your software. Thank you again." -- user of InteractiveTran with the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary

"What a wonderful tool. I am trying to learn to read, speak and write Spanish very quickly. I need to put it to use to practice immediately and I don't know how to put together sentences. This program is great! It is just what I needed." -- user of NeuroTran with the Spanish translation knowledgebase

"Your language translator site is one of the most useful sites I've ever been to!" -- user of InteractiveTran translation software

"I just wanted to say that your translations have helped me out a lot with my school project. I really appreciate it. Thank you." -- user of InteractiveTran translation software

"Job well done on the translation service. I've been looking for a site that would allow our web site to offer different languages as our target audience is worldwide. We will definitely look at implementing this into our site." -- user of HumanTran translation service

"Thank you for your program, it's just great! I am new to the computers and was able to chat with someone in Hungary thanks to your translator!" -- user of NeuroTran with the Hungarian translation knowledgebase

"Excellent job. Your software got me over a "block" in translating the French word "rentabilité" as "cost effectiveness" when the sentence already had the phrase "au profit de"." -- user of NeuroTran with the French translation knowledgebase

"I'm impressed. I consider InteractiveTran is the best translator out there for my money." -- user of InteractiveTran with the Italian dictionary

"I used your translation software for months and really found it useful for recreation use. " -- user of InteractiveTran translation software

"What a lovely find. As a moderator of the biz.* newsgroups I often have to reject messages because I can't tell if they are on topic or not. I'm also CEO and web designer and I'll be adding a link to your site tonight. Many of my web page clients doing international business will want links from their pages as well. I'll also be sending other web page designers your direction." -- user of InterTran translation service

"I would like to thank you also for this great service to webmasters. It really is a tremendous added value factor to any site, that has global aspirations. Well done." -- user of InterTran translation service

"Thank you for this great translation software, I'm positive it will be of a great help to bring visitors to my site." -- user of InterTran translation service

"I recently came across your excellent translator while searching for one to use. Thank you for allowing people like me to add it to our pages." -- user of InterTran translation service

"I Just fell in love with your site - and will tell everyone about it. You answered a particular Icelandic translation that I've been stuck on for several years. I looked everywhere - couldn't find it in basic translation books or dictionaries. Thanks a e-million!!!" -- user of InterTran translation service

"I would like to inform you that I have your translation service on my personal homepage. More importantly I would like to thank you for offering this service. I tried another service at one time, but it was not nearly as your translation service seems to be." -- user of InterTran translation service

"We intend to purchase from your company. This is a GREAT service that came right on time, because even though we have only been on the web for two weeks, we have received visits from 21 different countries. Thanks again for offering this wonderful free service!!" -- user of InterTran translation service