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French Translation Examples

Demo Sentence Request

You can request your own demo sentence by clicking on the following link: NeuroTran Demo Sentence Request

Example 1: French to English translation using NeuroTran translation software.

The example clearly shows several key features of NeuroTran. You can change any translation to the most appropriate translation. You can add any number of your own translations to your user dictionary. You can change the word order with the cut and paste functions and you can also delete any word that may be unnecessary. These unique post editing NeuroTran features allow the user to have complete control over the final translation. The more you use NeuroTran the better it will translate because it learns from you as you translate. For more information on NeuroTran please click on the image shown below.

French to English translation using NeuroTran

Example 2: English to French translation using NeuroTran translation software.

Here you can also see how user can choose alternative translations for any word or phrase. Choosing an alternative translation is a unique feature of NeuroTran that will help you translate more accurately. You can modify the translation to the most appropriate translation in just a few seconds. For more information on NeuroTran please click on the image shown below.

English to French translation using NeuroTran

Example 3: French to English translation using InteractiveTran translation software.

The example shows the document translation feature of InteractiveTran. InteractiveTran can learn during translation because it remembers which alternative translations were chosen by the user. There was not need to choose alternative translations in this example because InteractiveTran understood the text correctly. InteractiveTran can be used to quickly understand any type of French text. For more information on InteractiveTran please click on the image shown below.

French to English translation (anim)

Example 4: English to French translation using InteractiveTran translation software.

The example shows French to English translation (opposite direction from the one shown in the previous example). By simply clicking the 'Choose' button the user selects the translation which is most appropriate. There was no need to choose alternative translations in this example because InteractiveTran perfectly understood the text. For more information on InteractiveTran please click on the image shown below.

English to French translation (anim)

Example 5: English to French translation using PalmTran translation software.

This example shows English to French translation using PalmTran translation software. For every word or phrase the user can select the most appropriate translation from the list of possible alternative translations. Then, by simply clicking the 'OK' button the user selects that translation. PalmTran runs on Palm OS (3.5 or higher) compatible hardware and supports 1600 language translation pairs. For more information on PalmTran please click on the image shown below.

English to French translation using PalmTran

Example 6: French to English translation using PalmTran translation software.

The example shows French to English translation as opposed to the previous example. All the features of PalmTran shown in this example are the same as in the previous example. PalmTran can be used not only for translating, but also for communicating with a person who does not speak your language nor do you speak their language. For more information on PalmTran please click on the image shown below.

French to English translation using PalmTran

About the French language

France map Countries where French is spoken:
  • France
  • Monaco
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Central African Republic
  • Burkina Faso
  • Congo
  • Congo DR
  • Ivory Coast
  • Mali
  • and some others.

French is a language that has derived from Latin. It is the second most commonly-taught second language in the world (after English). In many countries, French plays an important role, either as an administrative, commercial, or international language or simply due to a significant French-speaking population.

As of 1999, French was the 11th most common first language in the world, with 77 million first language speakers and another 51 million second language speakers.

French is also a co-official language in Belgium, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Switzerland, and Vanuatu.

About the French grammar

French adjectives

An adjective is a word that modifies a noun. Adjectives can describe shape, color, size, and many other things about a noun.

French adjectives are very different from English adjectives, for two main reasons:

  1. In English, adjectives are always found in front of the noun, but most French adjectives follow the noun they modify.
  2. French adjectives change to agree in gender and number with the nouns that they modify. This means that there can be up to four forms of each adjective: masculine singular, feminine singular, masculine plural, and feminine plural.

French adverbs

An adverb is an invariable word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Adverbs can provide additional information about time, manner, place, frequency, or quantity. They explain when, how, where, how often, or to what degree something is done.

Nearly every French word that ends in -ment is an adverb, usually of manner. Its English equivalent ends in -ly: (i.e. generally).

Whereas in English placement of adverbs is sometimes arbitrary (they can be found in front of or after the verb, or even at the beginning or end of the sentence), the placement rules for French adverbs are much stricter:

  • When the adverb is modifying a verb, it is placed after the verb.
  • When the adverb is modifying an adjective or another adverb, is is placed in front of the word it is modifying.

French Articles

An article is a word used in front of a noun to indicate the noun's application: whether it is specific or unspecific. French articles agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify.

They can be:

  • Definite: le - la - l' - les (meaning the)
  • Indefinite: un - une - des (meaning a - an - one - some)
  • Partitive: du - de la - de l' - des (meaning some)

French conjunctions

Conjunctions provide a link between similar words or groups of words, such as nouns, verbs, people, etc. The most common French conjunctions are:

  • donc (so)
  • ensuite (next)
  • et (and)
  • ou (or)
  • puis (then)
  • mais (but)

French nouns

A noun is a word that represents a thing, whether that thing is concrete (e.g., a chair, a dog) or abstract (an idea, happiness).

In French, all nouns have a gender - they are either masculine or feminine. It is very important to learn a noun's gender along with the noun itself because articles, adjectives, and some verbs have to agree with nouns; that is, they change depending on the gender of the noun they precede or follow. The gender of some nouns makes sense (homme [man] is masculine, femme [woman] is feminine) but others don't (personne [person] is always feminine, even if the person is a man!)

French prepositions

Prepositions are the little words that are placed in front of nouns in order to indicate a relationship between that noun and a verb, an adjective, or another noun.

The following is a list of the most common French prepositions:

  • a (to, at, in)
  • apres (after)
  • avant (before)
  • avec (with)
  • chez (at the home/office of, among)
  • dans (in)
  • de (from, of, about)
  • depuis (since, for)
  • en (in, on, to)
  • pendant (during)
  • pour (for)
  • sans (without)
  • sur (on)
  • vers (toward)

French verbs

A verb is the action word in a sentence. It is the word that says what happens, discusses an action, or describes a state of being. All French verbs have to be conjugated - they have different forms depending on what the subject is. In English, we only have a separate conjugation for the third person singular of a verb: I sing becomes he sings. The verb to be has three conjugations: I am, you are, he is. In French, verbs can have up to 6 conjugations, one for each subject pronoun (I, you, he, etc.) Verbs come in many varieties: different tenses (present, future), voices, and moods. There are different conjugations for each variety.

There are 5 categories of verbs:

-ER verbs, -IR verbs, and -RE verbs are regular verbs. Regular verbs that end in these letters are all conjugated the same way in all of the tenses.

A fourth category is known as stem-changing verbs, although these verbs are actually a subcategory of -ER verbs. They are all -ER verbs that take the same endings as the regular verbs, but their root changes depending on the subject.

The final category is irregular verbs. These are verbs whose conjugations are unique to them.

Small French dictionary with the most frequent words

The format of this small English-French dictionary is as follows:

English_word, first_French_translation, second_French_translation, ..., last_French_translation

the, les, le, la, l'
of, de
to, à, vers, pour, moins, en, de, chez, a
and, et
a, une, un, l'
in, à, sur, en, dedans, dans
for, pour, pendant, moyennant, malgré, depuis
is, c'est
on, one, sur, ouvert, en marche, allumé
I, moi, je, j'
by, près de, par, en
this, ça, cette, cet, ces, celui-ci, celle-ci, ceci, ce
with, à, de, contre, avec
that, thanksggiving, ça, qui, que, cette, celui-là, celle-là, cela, ce
it, le, la, il, elle
you, vous, tu, toi, te
be, être
at, à, en, chez
all, toutes, toute, tout, tous
as, que, lorsque, comme, aussi, alors
or, ou
from, à partir de, depuis, de
are, êtes, sont, sommes, es
an, une, un, l'
not, pas, ne...pas, ne ... pas
your, votre, vos, ton, tien, tes, ta, les vôtres, les tiens, les tiennes, le votre, le tien, la vôtre, la tienne
page (noun; fem; sing;), page (nom; fem; sing;)
page, page (m) (f), page (f), groom (m), garçon (m) d'honneur, faire appeler, chasseur (m)
home (noun; fem; sing;), logis (nom; fem; sing;)
home, à la maison, pays (m) natal, patrie (f), national, maison (f), intérieur, gîte (m), foyer (m), domicile (m), de famille, chez soi, au pays natal
have, prendre, posséder, ont, avons, avoir, avez, ai
no, pas de, non (m), non, aucun
was, était, étais
new (adj.) (f), de nouvelles
new (adj.) (pl.), nouveaux
new, nouvelle, nouveau, neuve, neuf
more, plus de, plus, davantage de
will (noun; fem; sing;), volonté (nom; fem; sing;)
will, vouloir, volonté (f), testament (m)
about, à propos de, à peu près de, sur, environ, concernant, autour de
us, nous
we, nous
if (noun; masc; sing;), if (nom; masc; sing;)
if, si
one, une, un
do (v.inf.), faire
do, font, faites, faisons, fais, faire
but, mais
re, concernant
they, ils, eux, elles
information (noun; fem; sing;), information (nom; fem; sing;)
information, informative, renseignements (pl), instructive, instructif, information (f), connaissances (pl)
other, autre
next, voisin, suivant, prochaine, prochain, la prochaine fois, la fois suivante, ensuite, d'à côté
site (noun; masc; sing;), site (nom; masc; sing;), endroit (nom; masc; sing;)
site, terrain (m), site (m), emplacement (m)
up, vers le haut, vers, levé, en l'air, en haut, au haut de
our, notre, nos
my, mon, mes, ma
search (noun; fem; sing;), perquisition (nom; fem; sing;)
search, scruter, recherche (f), perquisition (f), fouiller, fouille (f), examiner minutieusement, chercher
time (noun; fem; sing;), fois (nom; fem; sing;)
time (noun; masc; sing;), temps (nom; masc; sing;)
time, époque (f), temps (m), période (f), moment (m), mesure (f), heure (f), fois (f), fixer, chronométrer
may (noun; masc; sing;), mai (nom; masc; sing;)
may, pouvoir, mai (m)
has, a
what, se que, quoi!, quoi, qui, quelle, quel, que, qu'est-ce qui, qu'est-ce que, comment!, ce qui, ce que
which, quoi, qui, quelle, quel, lequel, laquelle, ceux qui, ceux que, celui, celle, ce qui, ce que, ce dont
he, il
so (adv.), ainsi
so, tellement, si, donc, aussi, ansi, ainsi
here, voici, ici
out, éteint, sorti, dehors
news (noun; plural;), nouvelles
news, nouvelles (pl), nouvelle (f), informations (pl), actualités (pl)
web, toile (f), tissu (m), palmure (f)
their, à eux, à elles, leurs, leur, les leurs, le leur, la leur
any, tout, n'importe quel, n'importe que, du, des, de la, de l', de, d', chaque
there, y, là
use (noun; fem; sing;), utilisation (nom; fem; sing;)
use (noun; masc; sing;), usage (nom; masc; sing;), rôle (nom; masc; sing;), emploi (nom; masc; sing;)
use, utilité (f), utiliser, utilisation (f), usage (m), usage, se servir de, employer, emploi (m), emploi
back, verso (m), soutenir, revers (m), dos (m), arrière (m), appuyer
net (noun; masc; sing;), filet (nom; masc; sing;)
net, nette, net, filet (m)
die, étampe (f), mourir, matrice (f), dé (m)
free, libérer, libre, large, généreux, généreuse, gratuit, gratis, dégager
only, unique, seulement, seul, mais
mail (noun; fem; sing;), poste (nom; fem; sing;)
mail (noun; masc; sing;), courrier (nom; masc; sing;)
mail (s.), courier (m)
mail, poste (f), envoyer par la poste, courrier (m)
copyright (s.), droits d'auteur
copyright, droit (m) d'auteur
click, faire un déclic, faire un bruit sec, déclic (m), claquer
x, financier optimiste, financier inaccoutumé
also, aussi
contact (noun; masc; sing;), palpage (nom; masc; sing;), contact (nom; masc; sing;)
contact, se mettre en contact, relation (f), contacter, contact (m), connaissance (f)
me, moi, je
his, son, sienne, sien, ses, sa, les siens, les siennes, le sien, la sienne
index (noun; masc; sing;), indice (nom; masc; sing;)
index, indexes, indice (m), indice, catalogue (m)
when, quand, lorsque, alors
who, qui, quelle, quel
help (s.), aide
help, femme (f) de ménage, employée (f), employé (m), aider, aide (f), aide
date (noun; masc; sing;), date (nom; masc; sing;)
date, sortir avec, rendez-vous (m), datte (f), dater, date (f)
first, première, premier
some (adj.,pron.), quelque'un
some, quelques-unes, quelques, quelque, quelqu'un, quelqu éraillé, quelconque, du, des, de la, de l', certains
get, trouver, saisir, recevoir, obtenir, comprendre, avoir, attraper, aller prendre, aller chercher, acheter
see, voyons, voyez, voyer, vois, voir, voien, remarquer, découvrir, connaître, comprendre, apercevoir
name (noun; masc; sing;), nom (nom; masc; sing;)
name, réputation (f), nommer, nom (m), nom, fixer, donner, citer
how, que, comment, comme
top, être au sommet de, étage supérieur (m), tête (f), sommet (m), premier, haut (m), haut, dépasser, du haut, dessus (m), couvercle (m), cime (f)
service (noun; masc; sing;), service (nom; masc; sing;)
service, service (m), révision (f), révision, réviser
them, leur, les, ils, eux
been, été
now, maintenant
were, étions, étiez, étais, étaient
list (noun; fem; sing;), liste (nom; fem; sing;)
list, énumérer, liste (f), inscrire, inclinaison (f), gîter, faire la liste de, donner de la bande
into, en, dans
its, son, ses, sa, les siens, les siennes, le sien, la sienne
than, que, de
over, terminé, sur, plus de, pendant, par-dessus, fini, en plus, de l'autre côté de, au-dessus de
two, deux (m), deux
business, entreprise (f), commerce (m), affaires (pl), affaire (f)
like, semblable à, semblable, pareille, pareil, comme, bien aimer, aimer bien, aimer
last (adj.) (pl), derniers
last (adj.), dernier
last, en dernier, dernière, dernier
world (noun; masc; sing;), monde (nom; masc; sing;)
world, mondial, monde (m), du monde
go, vont, vais, s'en aller, partir, marcher, allons, allez, aller
view (noun; fem; sing;), vue (nom; fem; sing;)
view, vue (f), voir, visiter, regarder, perspective (f), panorama (m), opinion (f), examiner, considérer, avis (m)
info (s.), renseignement (m)
people (noun; masc; sing;), peuple (nom; masc; sing;), gens (nom; masc; sing;)
people, peupler, peuple (m), personnes (pl), gens (pl)
am, suis, est
just, seulement, juste
state (noun; masc; sing;), état (nom; masc; sing;)
state, état (m), spécifier, pompe f, exposer, déclarer, constater, condition (f), apparat (m)
message (noun; masc; sing;), message (nom; masc; sing;)
message, message (m), commission (f)
system (noun; masc; sing;), système (nom; masc; sing;), syst (nom; masc; sing;)
system (s.), système (m)
system, système (m)
data (noun; masc; sing;), data (nom; masc; sing;)
data (noun; plural;), données
data, données (pl)
had, eu, avions, aviez, avait, avais, avaient
make (v.inf.), faire
make, font, faites, faisons, fais, faire, fabriquer
should, devez
previous, précédent, antérieur
then (adv.), alors
then, à cette époque-là, à ce moment là, puis, ensuite, en ce cas, donc, d'alors, alors
work (noun; masc; sing;), oeuvre (nom; masc; sing;)
work, travailler, travail (m), ouvrage (m), opérer, oeuvre (f), fonctionner, fermenter, façonner, faire travailler, faire fonctionner, emploi (m)
her, son, ses, sa, lui, la, elle
most, très, plupart (m), le plus de, le plus, la plupart de, la plupart, extrêmement
year, année (f)
after, à la suite, après
day (noun; fem; sing;), journée (nom; fem; sing;)
day (noun; masc; sing;), jour (nom; masc; sing;)
day (s.), jour
day, journée (f), jour (m)
per, par
where, où
used, utilisée, usagée, usagé, d'occasion
group (noun; masc; sing;), groupe (nom; masc; sing;)
group, grouper, groupe (m), collectivité (f)
such, tellement, telle, tel, pareil
please, s'il vous plaît, plaisons, plaisez, plaisent, plais, plaire à
well (noun; masc; sing;), puits (nom; masc; sing;)
well, sain, puits (m), fontaine (f), eh bien, bon, bien
through, à travers, pendant, par, grâce à, direct, complètement
find (pp.), retrouvé
find, trouver, trouvaille (f), retrouver
number (noun; masc; sing;), numéro (nom; masc; sing;), nombre (nom; masc; sing;)
number, numéroter, numéro (m), nombre (m), compter, chiffre (m)
each, chaque, chacune, chacun
support (noun; masc; sing;), support (nom; masc; sing;), soutien (nom; masc; sing;)
support, supporter, support (m), soutien (m), soutenir, maintenir, appuyer, appui (m)
den, tanière (f), repaire (m), antre (m)
good, sage, gentille, gentil, bonne, bon, bien (m), bien
she, elle
order (noun; masc; sing;), ordre (nom; masc; sing;)
order, ordre (m), ordonner, commander, commande (f)
high, élevé, violent, haut, grand, fort, en haut, aiguë, aigu
set, établir, série (f), série, set (m), sertir, scène (f), régler, prêt, prendre, poste (m), poser, plateau (m), placer, mise f en plis, milieu (m), mettre, jeu (m), fixer, fixe, ensemble (m), déterminé, décor (m), coucher, composer, choisir, cercle (m), assortiment (m)
under, sous, selon, moins de, en bas de, dessous, au-dessous
way (noun; fem; sing;), voie (nom; fem; sing;), manière (nom; fem; sing;)
way, voie (f), route (f), passage (m), manière (f), direction (f), chemin (m)
part (noun; fem; sing;), partie (nom; fem; sing;), part (nom; fem; sing;)
part, pièce (f), partie (f)
privacy, intimité (f)
subject (noun; masc; sing;), sujet (nom; masc; sing;)
subject, thème (m), sujet à, sujet (m), soumis, soumettre, partie (f), exposer
city (noun; fem; sing;), cité (nom; fem; sing;)
city, ville (f), cité (f)
many, un grand nombre, nombreux, nombreuse, de nombreux, de nombreuses, beaucoup de, beaucoup
very, véritable, vrai, très, même, fort, exactement, bien
best, le meilleur
need (noun; masc; sing;), besoin (nom; masc; sing;)
need, nécessité (f), besoin (m), avoir besoin de
before, précédemment, devant, avant, auparavant
know, savons, savoir, savez, savent, sais, connaître, connaissons, connaissez, connaissent, connais
school (noun; fem; sing;), école (nom; fem; sing;)
school, école (f), école, scolaire, lycée (m), faculté (f), dresser, collège (m)
available, disponible
policy (noun; fem; sing;), politique (nom; fem; sing;)
policy, politique (f), police (f) d'assurance
general (adj.) (pl.), générales
general (adj.), générale
general, général (m), général
public, publique, public (m), public
program (noun; masc; sing;), répertoire (nom; masc; sing;), programme (nom; masc; sing;)
don, revêtir, professeur (m) d'université
made, ont, fait, avons fait, avez fait, as fait, ai fait, a fait
life (noun; fem; sing;), vie (nom; fem; sing;)
life, vie (f)
non, non
company (noun; fem; sing;), compagnie (nom; fem; sing;)
company (s.), entreprise
company, société (f), compagnie (f)
type (noun; fem; sing;), espèce (nom; fem; sing;)
type (noun; masc; sing;), type (nom; masc; sing;), genre (nom; masc; sing;)
type, type (m), taper à la machine, taper, modèle (m), genre (m), exemple (m), espèce (f), caractère (m)
health (noun; fem; sing;), santé (nom; fem; sing;)
health, santé (f)
main, principal, conduite (f) principale, canalisation (f)
link (noun; masc; sing;), lien (nom; masc; sing;)
link, unir, relier, rapport (m), raccord (m), maillon (m), lier, lien (m), liaison (f), liaison
add, ajouter
could, pouvions, pouviez, pouvait, pouvais, pouvaient, ont pu, avons pu, avez pu, as pu, ai pu, a pu
using, utilisant
must, devoir
long, long, longue, longtemps
between, entre
line (noun; fem; sing;), ligne (nom; fem; sing;)
line (noun; masc; sing;), trait (nom; masc; sing;)
music (noun; fem; sing;), musique (nom; fem; sing;)
music, musique (f)
said, ont dit, dit, disions, disiez, disait, disais, disaient, avons dit, avez dit, as dit, ai dit, a dit
center (noun; masc; sing;), centre (nom; masc; sing;)
take, saisir, retirer, prélever, prenons, prennent, prenez, prends, prendre, passer, enlever, emporter, conduire, apporter, accepter
right (noun; masc; sing;), droit (nom; masc; sing;)
right, équitable, à droite, redresser, juste, exact, droite (f), droite, droit (m), droit, correctement, convenable, bonne, bon, bien, approprié
local, local, pub (m) du coin, café (m) du coin
price (noun; masc; sing;), prix (nom; masc; sing;)
price, tarifer, prix (m), fixer le prix de
product (noun; masc; sing;), produit (nom; masc; sing;)
product, produit (m), oeuvre (f), fruit (m)
by-product, sous-produit (m)
software (noun; masc; sing;), logiciel (nom; masc; sing;)
software, software (m), logiciel (m)
man (noun; masc; sing;), l'homme (nom; masc; sing;)
man, être de service à, servir, homme (m), garnir d'hommes
international, international
con, escroquer, duper
version (noun; fem; sing;), version (nom; fem; sing;)
version, version (f)
off, tourné, sur, mauvais, fermé, de, coupé, avancé, annulé, absent
file (noun; fem; sing;), lime (nom; fem; sing;)
file (noun; masc; sing;), fichier (nom; masc; sing;)
file, lime (f), fichier, dossier (m), classeur (m), classer
university (noun; fem; sing;), université (nom; fem; sing;)
university, université (f)
because, parce que, en raison de
full, repli, remplie, plein, large, complète, complet, ample
research (noun; fem; sing;), recherche (nom; fem; sing;)
research, recherche (f), faire des recherches sur
read (v. pp.), a lu
read, étudier, marquer, lire, interpréter, indiquer, comprendre
post, poteau (m), poste (m), poste (f), piquet (m), levée (f), envoyer par la poste, courrier (m)
asp, aspic (m)
place (noun; masc; sing;), lieu (nom; masc; sing;)
place, situer, reconnaître, placer, mettre, maison (f), logement (m), lieu (m), endroit (m)
area (noun; fem; sing;), zône (nom; fem; sing;), surface (nom; fem; sing;)
area, superficie (f), secteur (f), région (f), quartier (m), aire (f)
form (noun; masc; sing;), formulaire (nom; masc; sing;)
form, formulaire (m), formulaire, former, forme (f), classe (f)
development (noun; fem; sing;), évolution (nom; fem; sing;)
development (noun; masc; sing;), développements (nom; masc; sing;), développement (nom; masc; sing;), developpement (nom; masc; sing;)
development, développement (m)
thread, filetage (m), fil (m), enfiler
being, être (m), existence (f)
even, égal, uni, régulière, régulier, pair, même
open, s'ouvrir, publique, public, ouvrir, ouvert, non résolu, manifeste, dégagé, déclaré, débuter, commencer
want (noun; fem; sing;), indigence (nom; fem; sing;)
want, vouloir, manquer de, manquer, manque (m), désirer, demander, besoin (m), avoir besoin de
based, installé à
user (noun; masc; sing;), utilisateur (nom; masc; sing;), usagère (nom; masc; sing;), usager (nom; masc; sing;)
user, utilisateur (m), usagère (f), usager (m)
text (noun; masc; sing;), texte (nom; masc; sing;)
text (s.), texte (m)
text, texte (m)
report (noun; masc; sing;), rapport (nom; masc; sing;), procés-verbaux (nom; masc; sing;), compte-rendu (nom; masc; sing;)
report, signaler, se présenter chez, reportage (m), rapporter, rapport (m), faire un reportage sur, faire un reportage, faire un rapport, faire un compte rendu de, détonation (f), dénoncer, bulletin (m) scolaire
book (noun; masc; sing;), livre (nom; masc; sing;)
book, réserver, livre (m)
both, tous les deux, les deux
national, ressortissant, national
video, vidéocassette (f), vidéo (m), vidéo (f), magnétoscope (m)
does, fait
review, revue (f), passer en revue, faire la critique de, critique (f)
down, à bas, vider, par terre, en panne, en bas de, en bas, duvet (m), abattre
since, puisque, depuis que, depuis, comme
community (noun; fem; sing;), communauté (nom; fem; sing;)
community (s.), collectivité
community, communauté (f)
great, grand
same, pareille, pareil, même
while, tant que, tandis que, quoique, pendant que, moment (m), alors que, alors
show, être visible, séance (f), spectacle (m), semblant (m), se voir, salon (m), représentation (f), projeter, montrer, manifester, manifestation (f), faire preuve de, exposition (f), exposition, exposer, démonstration (f), démonstation, apparence (f), apparence, afficher
family (noun; fem; sing;), famille (nom; fem; sing;)
family, maisonnée (f), famille (f)
three, trois (m), trois
special, spécial, particulier
much, très, beaucoup de, beaucoup
art, art (m)
him, lui, le
board (noun; fem; sing;), plaque (nom; fem; sing;), planche (nom; fem; sing;), carte (nom; fem; sing;)
board (s.), papier d'aluminium
board, tableau (m), planche (f), monter à bord de, conseil (m), comité (f), bière (f)
return (noun; masc; sing;), retour (nom; masc; sing;)
return, élire, récompense (f), revenir, retourner, retour (m), retour, restitution (f), renvoyer, rendre, remettre, relevé (m) rapport, relevé (m), rapporter, rapport (m), de retour, aller et retour
American (adj.), américaines, américaine
American, américain (m)
end (noun; fem; sing;), fin (nom; fem; sing;)
end, terminer, finir, fin (f), fin, extrémité (f), conclusion (f), bout (m)
network (noun; masc; sing;), réseau (nom; masc; sing;)
network, réseau (m), réseau
own, propre, posséder
office (noun; masc; sing;), office (nom; masc; sing;), bureau (nom; masc; sing;)
office, fonction (f), charge (f), bureau (m)
fax, télécopie (f), fax (m), envoyer par fax
design (noun; masc; sing;), dessein (nom; masc; sing;)
design, plan (m), motif (m), modifier, ligne (f), esthétique (f) industrielle, dessiner, dessin (m), dessein (m), concevoir, conception (f)
education (noun; fem; sing;), éducation (nom; fem; sing;)
education, éducation (f), instruction (f), formation (f), enseignement (m)
management (noun; fem; sing;), régie (nom; fem; sing;), gérance (nom; fem; sing;), gestion (nom; fem; sing;), direction (nom; fem; sing;)
management, gérance (f), gestion (f), direction (f), administration (f)
forum, tribune (f), forum (m)
code, code
current (adj.), de l'actualité
current (noun; masc; sing;), courant (nom; masc; sing;)
current, tendance (f), en cours, cours (m), courant (m), courant, actuel
total, totale, total (m), total, global
real, véritable, réelle, réel
computer (noun; masc; sing;), ordinateur (nom; masc; sing;)
computer, ordinateur (m), calculatrice (f)
address, adresser, adresse (f)
another, une autre, un autre
guide (noun; masc; sing;), guide (nom; masc; sing;)
guide, guider, guide (m), diriger, conduire
change (noun; masc; sing;), changement (nom; masc; sing;)
change (s.), déménagement (m), déménagement
change, remplacer, petite monnaie (f), modifier, modification (f), changer, changement (m)
come, viens, viennent, venons, venir, venez, arriver
history, histoire (f)
project (noun; masc; sing;), projet (nom; masc; sing;)
project, étude (f), saillir, s'avancer, projeter, projet (m), plan (m), opération (f), faire saillie, entreprise (f), dossier (m)
member (noun; masc; sing;), membre (nom; masc; sing;)
member, membre (m), adhérente (f), adhérent (m)
English, Anglais (pl), Anglais (m), Anglais
map, tracer, plan (m), dresser la carte de, carte (f)
access (s.), accès
access, accéder, accès (m)
section (noun; masc; sing;), fascicule (nom; masc; sing;)
section, section, tranche, service, sectionner, rayon (m), paragraphe (m), coupe (f), article (m)
during, pendant, durant, au cours de
author (noun; masc; sing;), auteur (nom; masc; sing;)
author, auteur (m)
download, télécharger, transférer
power (noun; fem; sing;), puissance (nom; fem; sing;)
power (noun; masc; sing;), pouvoir (nom; masc; sing;)
power, puissance (f), propulser, pouvoir (m), force (f), faire marcher, facultés (pl) mentales, courant (m), autorité (f)
point (noun; masc; sing;), point (nom; masc; sing;)
point, sujet (m), prise, pointer, pointe (f), point (m), moment (m), jointoyer, indiquer, endroit (m), douille, cavité
will-power, volonté (f)
old, âgé, vieux, vieille, ancienne, ancien
case (noun; masc; sing;), étui (nom; masc; sing;), cas (nom; masc; sing;), boîtier (nom; masc; sing;)
case (s.), police de caractères
case, étui (m), trousse (f), procès (m), cas (m), caisse (f), boîtier (m), boite (f), affaire (f)
van (noun; masc; sing;), fourgon (nom; masc; sing;)
van, fourgon (m), camionnette (f)
size (noun; fem; sing;), taille (nom; fem; sing;)
size, dimension, étendue (f), volume (m), taille (f), taille, pointure, mesurer, mesure, juger, grandeur (f), ampleur (f)
still, tranquille, tout de même, toujours, silencieux, quand même, immobile, faire taire, encore, calmer, calme, apaiser, alambic (m)
bin (s.), corbeille à papier
bin, coffre (m), casier (m)
archive, archiver
shopping, achats (pl)
control (noun; fem; sing;), règlementation (nom; fem; sing;), maitrise (nom; fem; sing;)
control (noun; masc; sing;), pilotage (nom; masc; sing;), contrôle (nom; masc; sing;), controle (nom; masc; sing;)
control, maîtriser, maîtrise (f), contrôler, contrôle (m), autorité (f)
did, ont fait, faisions, faisiez, faisait, faisais, faisaient, avons fait, avez fait, as fait, ai fait, a fait
small, petite, petit, menu
select, select, sélectionner, exquis, d'élite, choisir, choisi
send, émettre, pousser, expédier, envoyons, envoyez, envoyer, envoyent, envoie, adresser
found, établir, édifier, trouvé, fonder, créer
pour, verser, servir, pleuvoir à verse, couler à flots
level (noun; masc; sing;), niveau (nom; masc; sing;)
level, égaliser, égal, uni, terrain (m) plat, taux (m), plat, plan, niveler, niveau (m), lisse, horizontal, aplanir
photo, photo (m), photo (f)
image, picture, image (f) de marque
shop (noun; masc; sing;), magasin (nom; masc; sing;)
shop, magasin (m), faire ses courses, faire ses achats, atelier (m)
technology (noun; fem; sing;), technologie (nom; fem; sing;)
technology, technologie (f)
days, jours (pl)
little (noun; masc; sing;), peu (nom; masc; sing;)
little, peu, petite, petit
media (noun; masc; sing;), média (nom; masc; sing;)
media, média (pl), media (pl)
start, tressaillir, sursauter, sursaut (m), se mettre en route, partir, ouverture (f), mettre en marche, lancer, départ (m), démarrer, débuter, début (m), début, commencer, commencement (m), avance (f), amorcer
including, y compris, compris
check (noun; masc; sing;), chèque (nom; masc; sing;)
every, tout, chaque, chacune, chacun
house (noun; fem; sing;), maison (nom; fem; sing;)
house, villa (f), salle (f), maison (f), loger, héberger, chambre (f), auditoire (m)
plus, signe (m) plus, plus
value (noun; fem; sing;), valeur (nom; fem; sing;)
value, évaluer, valeur fº, valeur (f), tenir à, priser, estimer, apprécier
today, aujourd'hui
include, regrouper, inclure, comprendre
love, amour (m), aimons, aimez, aimer beaucoup, aimer, aiment, aime
course (noun; masc; sing;), cours (nom; masc; sing;)
course, trajet (m), terrain (m), route (f), plat (m), parcours (m), cours (m)
look, sembler, ressembler, regarder, regard (m), paraître, avoir l'air, aspect (m), apparence (f), allure (f), air (m)
action (s.), acte
action, share, action (s.), procès (m)
article, article (m)
again, à nouveau, encore, de nouveau
title (noun; masc; sing;), titre (nom; masc; sing;)
title, titre (m)
buy, acheter
content (noun; masc; sing;), contenu (nom; masc; sing;)
content, teneur (m), teneur (f), satisfait, satisfaire, contenu (m), contenter, contente, content
different (adj. f.), différente
different (adj.), différentes
different, différent
too, trop de, trop, aussi
source, source, provenance (f), origine (f)
country (noun; masc; sing;), pays (nom; masc; sing;)
country, pays (m), campagne (f)
however, toutefois, pourtant, de quelque façon, cependant
game (noun; masc; sing;), jeu (nom; masc; sing;)
game, match (m), jeu (m), gibier (m), brave
black, obscur, noir
against, contre
account (noun; masc; sing;), compte (nom; masc; sing;)
account (s.), compte
account, terme (m), récit (m), relation (f), compte (m) rendu, compte (m)
club, club de golf, société (f), matraquer, matraque (f), massue (f)
south (noun; masc; sing;), sud (nom; masc; sing;)
south, vers le sud, sud (m)), sud (m), sud, du sud, au sud
provide, suppléer, fournir
big (adj.) (pl.), grandes
big (adj.), grande
big, gros, grand
class (noun; fem; sing;), classe (nom; fem; sing;)
class, échelon (m), série (f), qualité (f), note (f), graduer, grade (m), cours (m), classer, classe (f), catégorie (f), calibrer, calibre (m)
TV, Télé (f)
water (noun; fem; sing;), eau (nom; fem; sing;)
water, l'eau, pleurer, mouiller, larmoyer, eau (f), arroser
department (noun; masc; sing;), département (nom; masc; sing;)
department, service (m), rayon (m), ministère (m), département (m), division (f)
let, permettre, louer à bail, louer, location (f), laisser, bail (m)
library (noun; fem; sing;), librairie (nom; fem; sing;), bibliothèque (nom; fem; sing;)
library, bibliothèque (f)
box (noun; fem; sing;), boite (nom; fem; sing;)
box, caisse (f), boîte (f)
description (noun; fem; sing;), déscription (nom; fem; sing;), description (nom; fem; sing;)
description, sorte (f), signalement (m), espèce (f), description (f)
team (noun; fem; sing;), équipe (nom; fem; sing;)
team, équipe (f), relais (m)
visit (noun; fem; sing;), visite (nom; fem; sing;)
visit, visiter, visite (f), séjour (m)
week (noun; fem; sing;), semaine (nom; fem; sing;)
week, semaine (f)
around, autour de, autour
store, réserve (f), provision (f), mettre en réserve, magasin (m), magasin, entrepôt m, entrepôt (m), emmagasiner, accumuler
test (noun; masc; sing;), test (nom; masc; sing;), essai (nom; masc; sing;)
test, épreuve (f), tester, examiner, essayer, essai (m), contrôle (m), analyser
head (noun; fem; sing;), tête (nom; fem; sing;)
head, être à la tête de, être en tête de, tête (f), tête, chef (m)
why, tiens!, pourquoi (m), pourquoi, eh bien!
press (noun; fem; sing;), presse (nom; fem; sing;)
press, repasser, pressoir (m), presser, presse (f), foule (f), cohue (f), appuyer sur
plan (noun; masc; sing;), plan (nom; masc; sing;)
plan, projeter, projet (m), planifier, plan (m), organiser, faire des projets
government (noun; masc; sing;), gouvernement (nom; masc; sing;)
government, ministère (m) de l'état, gouvernement (m)
phone, téléphoner, téléphone (m)
money, argent (m)
care (noun; masc; sing;), soin (nom; masc; sing;)
care, souci (m), soin (m), attention (f)
live, vivre, vivons, vivez, vivent, vivant, vis, sous tension, loger, habiter, en vie, en direct
hotel, hôtel (m)
rate (noun; masc; sing;), taux (nom; masc; sing;)
rate, évaluer, vitesse (f), taux (m), tarif (m), tarif, rythme (m), pourcentage (m), classer
room (noun; fem; sing;), chambre (nom; fem; sing;)
room (s.), salle (f)
room, salle (f), pièce (f), chambre (f)
second (noun; fem; sing;), seconde (nom; fem; sing;)
second, second, seconde (f), seconde, en seconde position, en seconde, deuxième (m) (f), deuxième, article (m) de second choix
law (noun; fem; sing;), loi (nom; fem; sing;)
law, loi (f), loi, droit (m)
process (noun; masc; sing;), procédé (nom; masc; sing;), processus (nom; masc; sing;)
process, traiter, procédé (m), processus (m)
men, hommes (pl), hommes
women (noun; plural;), femmes
women, femmes (pl)
county (noun; masc; sing;), comté (nom; masc; sing;)
county, comté (m), comté (f)
August, Août (m)
sex (noun; masc; sing;), sexe (nom; masc; sing;)
sex, sexe (m)
give, élasticité (f), se prêter, prononcer, passer, offrir, faire, donnons, donnez, donner, donnent, donne, céder
par, équivalence (f), égalité (f), pair (m), normale (f) du parcours
large, vaste, grande, grand
note (noun; fem; sing;), note (nom; fem; sing;)
note (noun; masc; sing;), nota (nom; masc; sing;)
note, remarque (f), noter, note (f), mot (m), constater, billet (m)
table (noun; masc; sing;), tableau (nom; masc; sing;)
table, table, mettre en forme de tableau, ajourner
north (noun; masc; sing;), nord (nom; masc; sing;)
north, vers le nord, nord (m), nord, du nord
children, enfants (pl)
travel, voyager, voyage (m), parcourir
say, dites, disons, disent, dis, dire
sign (noun; masc; sing;), signe (nom; masc; sing;)
sign, trace (f), signer, signe (m), panneau (m), pancarte, indice (m), indication (f), geste (m), annonce
better, mieux, meilleur
field (noun; masc; sing;), champ (nom; masc; sing;)
field, partie (f), champ (m)
going (ger.), allant
going, état (m) du terrain, sortie (f), progrès (m), départ (m)
problem (noun; masc; sing;), problème (nom; masc; sing;)
problem, problème (m)
staff, soutien (m), personnel (m), faculté (f), corps (m) enseignant, bâton (m)
welcome, bienvenue, réception (f), opportun, bienvenu, accueillir, accueil (m)
quality (noun; fem; sing;), qualité (nom; fem; sing;), qualite (nom; fem; sing;)
quality, qualité (f), de qualité, caractéristique (f)
reply, réponse (f), répondre
print, tirage (m), imprimé (m), imprimer, impression (f), estampe (f), empreinte (f), caractères (pl)
security (noun; fem; sing;), sécurité (nom; fem; sing;)
security, sécurité (f), sécurité, mesures (pl) de sécurité, garantie (f), garantie, caution (f)
never, jamais
important (adj.) (f.) (pl.), importantes
important (adj.) (f.), importante
important (adj.) (m.), importants
important, important
job (noun; masc; sing;), travail (nom; masc; sing;), job (nom; masc; sing;)
job, travail (m), poste (m), métier (m), emploi (m), emploi
person (noun; fem; sing;), personne (nom; fem; sing;)
person, personne (f)
application, application (f)
left, êtes parti, à gauche, suis parti, sont parti, sommes parti, partions, partiez, partait, partais, partaient, gauche (f), gauche, est parti, es parti
september (noun; masc; sing;), septembre (nom; masc; sing;)
September, septembre (m), septembre
friend, amie (f), ami (m), ami
science (noun; fem; sing;), science (nom; fem; sing;)
science, science (f), science
white, pâle, blanche, blanc d'oeuf (m), blanc (m), blanc
story (noun; masc; sing;), conte (nom; masc; sing;)
story, étage (m), récit (m), histoire (f)
market (noun; masc; sing;), marché (nom; masc; sing;)
market, marché (m), commercialiser
above, en haut, au-dessus de, au dessus
below, sous, en dessous, en bas, au-dessous, au dessous
side (noun; fem; sing;), face (nom; fem; sing;)
side (noun; masc; sing;), côté (nom; masc; sing;)
side, versant (m), secondaire, se ranger du côté de, prendre de parti de, parti (m), latéral, flanc (m), côté (m), côte (m), camp (m), bord (m)
possible, possible
west (noun; masc; sing;), ouest (nom; masc; sing;)
west, vers l'ouest, ouest (m), ouest, occident (m), de l'ouest
gallery (noun; fem; sing;), galerie (nom; fem; sing;)
gallery, galerie (f), balcon (m)
air, aérer, air (m)
really, vraiment
college (noun; masc; sing;), college (nom; masc; sing;)
college, collège (m)
son (noun; masc; sing;), fils (nom; masc; sing;)
son, fils (m)
example (noun; masc; sing;), exemple (nom; masc; sing;), ex (nom; masc; sing;)
example, exemple (m)
few, peu de
chat (noun; fem; sing;), causerie (nom; fem; sing;)
chat, conversation (f), conversation, causer, bavarder, bavardage (m)
request (noun; fem; sing;), demande (nom; fem; sing;)
request, requête (f), demander, demande (f)
complete, remplir, parachever, intégral, complète, complet, achever
car (noun; masc; sing;), auto (nom; masc; sing;)
car, for, voiture (f), auto (m), auto (f)
language (noun; masc; sing;), langue (nom; masc; sing;), langage (nom; masc; sing;)
language, langue (f), langage (m)
four, quatre
legal, légal, juridique
social (adj.), sociales
social, social, sociaux, sociale, sociable
body (noun; masc; sing;), corps (nom; masc; sing;)
body, corps (m), cadavre (m)
food (noun; masc; sing;), nourriture (nom; masc; sing;)
food, pâture (f), nourriture (f), aliment (m)
human, être (m) humain, humain
additional, additionnel
low, mugir, dépression (f), basse, bas
always, toujours
hand (noun; fem; sing;), main (nom; fem; sing;)
hand, écriture (f), passer, ouvrière (f), ouvrière, ouvrier (m), main (f), jeu (m), donner, aiguille (f)
key (noun; fem; sing;), clé (nom; fem; sing;), clef (nom; fem; sing;)
key, touche (f), ton (m), clé (f), clef (f)
red, rouge (m), rouge
ad, petites annonces (pl)
single, unique, séparer, simple, seule, seul, distinguer, célibataire (m), célibataire, aller (m) simple
something, quelque chose
statement (noun; fem; sing;), constatation (nom; fem; sing;)
less, moins de, moins
question (noun; fem; sing;), question (nom; fem; sing;)
question, question (f), problème (m), mettre en question, mettre en doute, interroger
try, tâcher, tenter, tentative (f), mettre à l'épreuve, juger, expérimenter, essayer, essai (m), chercher à
war (noun; fem; sing;), guerre (nom; fem; sing;)
war, guerre (f)
location (noun; masc; sing;), emplacement (nom; masc; sing;)
location, emplacement (m), emplacement
association, society, syndicat (m)
item (noun; masc; sing;), item (nom; masc; sing;)
item, question (f), point (m), numéro (m), article (m)
study (noun; fem; sing;), étude (nom; fem; sing;)
study, étudier, études (pl), étude (f), observer, méditation (f), faire des études, examiner, bureau (m)
topic, thème (m), sujet (m)
until, jusqu'à ce que, jusqu'à
june (noun; masc; sing;), juin (nom; masc; sing;)
June, Juin (m)
amazon, amazone (f)
student (noun; masc; sing;), étudiant (nom; masc; sing;), élève (nom; masc; sing;)
student, étudiante (f), étudiant (m)
become, devenir, convenir
hard, sévère, sérieusement, rigide, pénible, dur, difficile
keep, élever, tenir, se conserver, retenir, rester, nourriture (f), garder, entretenir, donjon (m), assurer la subsistance de
register (noun; masc; sing;), registre (nom; masc; sing;)
register, être compris, être bien compris, signer le registre, se faire inscrire, registre (m), marquer, liste (f) électorale, inscrire, immatriculer, envoyer en recommandé, enregistrer, déclarer
catalog (noun; masc; sing;), catalogoue (nom; masc; sing;)
digital, digital, à affichage numérique, numérique
run (noun; fem; sing;), piste (nom; fem; sing;)
run (noun; masc; sing;), passage (nom; masc; sing;)
run, être valide, être en service, être candidat, trajet (m), tour (m), tenir, série de représentations, série (f) de représentations, série (f), suite (f), se présenter, se jouer, promenade (f) en voiture, promenade (f), piste (f), parcours (m), organiser, marcher, glisser, exécuter, déteindre, diriger, course (f), courir, couler, circuler
april (noun; masc; sing;), avril (nom; masc; sing;)
April, avril (m)
document (noun; masc; sing;), document (nom; masc; sing;)
document, document (m)
sun (noun; masc; sing;), soleil (nom; masc; sing;)
sun, soleil (m)
away, loin, absente, absent
cost (noun; masc; sing;), coût (nom; masc; sing;)
cost (s.), prix du billet
cost, prix (m), coûter, coût (m), coût, calculer le prix de revient de
street (noun; fem; sing;), rue (nom; fem; sing;)
street, rue (f)
once, une fois que, une fois, autrefois
performance (noun; fem; sing;), performance (nom; fem; sing;)
march (noun; masc; sing;), mars (nom; masc; sing;)
model (noun; masc; sing;), modèle (nom; masc; sing;)
model, travailler comme mannequin, modèle (m) réduit, modèle (m), modeler, mannequin (m)
enter, s'inscrire à, pénétrer dans, noter, introduire, inscrire, faire inscrire, entrer à, entrer dans, entrer
series, série (f), série, collection (f)
profile (noun; masc; sing;), profil (nom; masc; sing;)
write, écrivons, écrivez, écrivent, écris, écrire, rédiger, composer
property (noun; fem; sing;), rubrique (nom; fem; sing;), propriété (nom; fem; sing;)
property, terres (pl), propriété (f), propriété, immeuble (m), domaine (m), biens (pl), bien-fonds (m)
play, pièce (f) de théâtre, pièce (f), jouer à, jouer de, jouer contre, jouer, jeu (m)
july (noun; masc; sing;), juillet (nom; masc; sing;)
July, juillet
future (noun; masc; sing;), futur (nom; masc; sing;), avenir (nom; masc; sing;)
future, futur (m), futur, avenir (m)
feedback (s.), feedback (m)
feedback, réaction (f), retour, feed-back (m)
log, rondin (m), enregistrer, bûche (f)
base (adj.), partie inférieur
base (s.), partie inférieur
base, socle (m), fonde (m), base (f)
card (noun; fem; sing;), carte (nom; fem; sing;)
card (s.), prix du billet
card, carte (f)
financial (adj.) (f.) (pl.), financières
issue (noun; fem; sing;), émission (nom; fem; sing;)
central (noun; fem; sing;), centrale (nom; fem; sing;)
central, central
status (noun; masc; sing;), statut (nom; masc; sing;)
status, statut (m)
yes, oui (m), oui
tell, raconter, dire
space, intervalle (m), espacer, espace (m)
join, unir, se rencontrer, se rejoindre, se joindre à, s'inscrire, retrouver, rejoindre, raccord (m), joindre, assembler
sure, sûre, sûr, infaillible, certaine, certain
light (noun; fem; sing;), lumière (nom; fem; sing;)
light, éclairer, phare (m), légère, léger, lumière (f), lanterne (f), lampe (f), jour (m), clair, allumer
customer (noun; masc; sing;), client (nom; masc; sing;)
due, due, qui convient, payable, exactement, dû (m), dû, droit (m), chose (f) due, attendu
final (noun; fem; sing;), finale (nom; fem; sing;)
final, ultime, définitive, définitif, dernière, dernier
able, compétent, capable
create, créer, causer
contents, contenu (m)
night (noun; fem; sing;), nuit (nom; fem; sing;)
via, via, par
word (noun; fem; sing;), parole (nom; fem; sing;)
word (noun; masc; sing;), mot (nom; masc; sing;)
word, rédiger, parole (f), mot (m), exprimer
least, plus petit, moindre, le moins
got, obtenu
original (noun; masc; sing;), original (nom; masc; sing;)
age (noun; masc; sing;), âge (nom; masc; sing;)
age (s.), âge
age, âge (m), siècle (m)
created, créions, créiez, créait, créais, créaient
database (s.), base de données
database, base de données, base (f) des données, base (f) de données
five, cinq
industry, zèle (m), industrie (f), application (f)
done, fait, cuit
auto, auto (m)
mar, gâter, gâcher, déparer
either, soit (...) soit, ou (...) ou, l'un ou l'autre, chaque
short, sèche, succinct, sec, petit, insuffisant, court, concis, brève, brusque, bref
upon, sur
result (noun; masc; sing;), résultat (nom; masc; sing;)
result (s.), aboutissement
result, résultat (m)
several, plusieurs, divers
specific, spécifique, remède (m) spécifique
interest (noun; masc; sing;), intérêt (nom; masc; sing;)
interest, intérêts (pl), intérêt (m), intéresser
written, écrit
act, loi (f), agir, acte (m)
newsletter, bulletin (m)
yet, pourtant, néanmoins, encore, déjà, cependant
land, terre (f), terrain (m), pays (m), décocher, débarquer, domaine (m), atterrir
range (noun; fem; sing;), plage (nom; fem; sing;), gamme (nom; fem; sing;)
activities, activités (pl)
major, principal, majeur, important, commandant (m)
young, jeune
park (noun; masc; sing;), parc (nom; masc; sing;)
park, stationner, se garer, ranger, parquer, parc (m), jardin public, garer
material, étoffe (f), tissu (m), matérielle, matériel, matériau (m), matière (f), insu (m), essentielle, essentiel
reference (noun; fem; sing;), référence (nom; fem; sing;), reference (nom; fem; sing;), poste (nom; fem; sing;)
reference (noun; masc; sing;), repère (nom; masc; sing;)
experience (noun; fem; sing;), expérience (nom; fem; sing;)
experience, éprouver, épouvrer, expérience (f), connaître, acquis (m)
front (noun; masc; sing;), front (nom; masc; sing;), devant (nom; masc; sing;)
true, véritable, vrai, sincère, exact
bad (adj.), mal
bad, vilaine, mauvais, grave
month (noun; masc; sing;), mois (nom; masc; sing;)
month, mois (m)
color (noun; fem; sing;), couleur (nom; fem; sing;)
color, couleur
god (noun; masc; sing;), dieux (nom; masc; sing;)
god, dieu (m)
menu, menu (m), carte (f)
category (noun; fem; sing;), catégorie (nom; fem; sing;), categorie (nom; fem; sing;)
category, catégorie (f)
credit (noun; masc; sing;), crédit (nom; masc; sing;)
credit, honneur (m), créditer, crédit (m)
road, voie (f), trottoir (m), rue (f), route (f), chemin (m)
advanced, avancé
sale (noun; fem; sing;), vente (nom; fem; sing;)
sale, vente (f), vente, soldes (pl), solde (m)
easy, facile, aisé
America, Amérique (f)
face (noun; fem; sing;), visage (nom; fem; sing;), face (nom; fem; sing;)
face, visage (m), physionomie (f), affronter
medical, médical
together (, ensembles
together, ensemble (m), ensemble, en même temps
daily (noun; masc; sing;), quotidien (nom; masc; sing;)
release (noun; fem; sing;), libération (nom; fem; sing;)
added, ajouté
companies (, entreprises
companies, sociétés (pl), compagnies
equipment (noun; masc; sing;), équipements (nom; masc; sing;), équipement (nom; masc; sing;)
equipment, équipement (m), matériel (m), installation (f), appareillage (m)
mark (noun; fem; sing;), marque (nom; fem; sing;)
far (adj.), éloiné
far, loin
society (noun; fem; sing;), société (nom; fem; sing;)
society, société (f), société, sociologue (m) (f), compagnie (f), compagnie
sport (noun; masc; sing;), sports (nom; masc; sing;)
sport, sport (m), jeu (m), divertissement (m), amusement (m)
already, déjà
east (s.), orient (m)
east, à l'est, vers l'est, Orient m), est (m), d'est
record (noun; masc; sing;), record (nom; masc; sing;)
notice (noun; masc; sing;), avis (nom; masc; sing;)
notice, s'apercevoir de, remarquer, panneau (m), pancarte (f), noter, congé (m), aviser, avis (m), apercevoir
present, présenter, présente, présent (m), présent, offrir, cadeau (m)
term (noun; masc; sing;), terme (nom; masc; sing;)
term (three in a year), semestre
term, trimestre (m), terme (m), période (f), nommer, mot (m), condition (f), clause (f), appeler
ever, toujours, jamais, déjà
hot, épicé, violent, très chaud, passionné, fort, chaud, brûlant, acharné
ask, prier, demander
individual (noun; masc; sing;), individu (nom; masc; sing;)
individual, personnage (m), particulière, particulier, original, individuelle, individuel, individu (m)
october (noun; masc; sing;), octobre (nom; masc; sing;)
October, octobre (m)
close, fermer
common (adj.), communes
function (noun; fem; sing;), fonction (nom; fem; sing;)
follow, suivre, suivons, suivez, suivent, suis, succéder, ensuivre
lot (noun; masc; sing;), lot (nom; masc; sing;)
lot, sort (m), lot (m), destinée (f)
november (noun; masc; sing;), novembre (nom; masc; sing;)