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KnowledgeSearch is a service which provides an answer to questions for which normal search engines appear incapable of answering. All you have to do is type your question in the textbox provided below and then press the "Send Query" button. Your query will then be sent to our Knowledge Engineering Laboratory where our Team of Knowledge Engineers in many fields of human activity sits ready to answer your questions.

You will be surprised how our KnowledgeSearch service can find answers to questions for which it is hard or impossible to find an answer using the Internet or other means and all this for a negligible charge. If for some reason your question cannot be answered you will not be charged anything.


NEW! Free Demo Download of the KnowledgeSearch Applications

Answers to specific questions are sometimes complex procedures or algorithms which require interactive communication. In such cases in addition to a verbal answer we also send our PC applications (advisors) which contain the required procedure or algorithm.

Examples of Our Applications (click for free download):

KnowledgeSearch advisor General Knowledge Advisors: Applications Related to our Products and Services:

We develop custom-made advisors for learning, training, testing and similar activities that might be required in your company.


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