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NeuroGrammar - Demo Text Request

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You can see previous demo text requests by clicking on the following link:

NeuroGrammar demo - your own text

If you wish to send us your own text, please take the following steps:

The text must be written in English.

For demo purposes, we will check the grammar in your English text. Therefore, please do not send texts written in any language except English. We will not process multiple demo requests from the same person nor demo requests with inappropriate content.

Demo Text Request

Text Size Limit: The size of your text should be at least one sentence and at the most a whole page. Your text must be written in English.

My e-mail address:

About NeuroGrammar™

NeuroGrammar™ uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms in order to check the grammar of any English document to a level unseen in any other grammar checking application on the market.

Who needs NeuroGrammar™?

NeuroGrammar™ can be used by:

  • everyone who wants to write in a clear, concise and readable manner
  • business people (for writing clear, concise and effective business letters)
  • students (for improving writing skills)
  • English language students (for learning English)
  • scientists (for writing clear, concise and readable research reports)
  • doctors (for writing clear, concise and readable medical reports)
  • engineers (for clear, concise and readable design/work reports)
  • bloggers/journalists (for interesting, fun, clear, concise and readable articles)
  • technical writers (for writing understandable and enjoyable articles)
  • editors (for effective text editing)
  • advertisers, copywriters and PR people (for effective website copies, ads, press releases and marketing material)
  • lawyers and judges (for clear, concise and readable legal briefs)
  • diplomats (for writing understandable diplomatic correspondance)

Features Unique to NeuroGrammar™:

  • Ability to suggest the correct usage of English:

    • articles (the, a, an)
    • prepositions (of, on, at, in, by, ...)
    • noun phrases
    • nouns and adjectives
    • verb phrases
    • verbs and adverbs

  • Ability to suggest improvements regarding:

    • clarity
    • conciseness
    • consistency
    • disjoint ideas
    • abrupt transitions in the text
    • missing information

  • Ability to add an unlimited number of your own alternative words and phrases
  • Finds misspelt words because of its auto-correction feature

Other NeuroGrammar™ Features:

  • provides grammar choices
  • provides word choices
  • provides grammar explanations
  • analyzes content/meaning
  • provides relevant feedback

In-built Reference Tools:

  • dictionary
  • thesaurus
  • grammar guide

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