Professional Proofreading Service


Professional Proofreading Service

We offer a professional proofreading service for English documents, manuscripts, manuals and texts of any kind. Our human experts use NeuroGrammar™ software to accomplish the first pass check and then carefully review the English text to ensure 100% accuracy. They can check anything from a one-page letter to extensive manuals. Exact charges vary depending upon the length of the document.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only English texts will be processed.
  2. Further quality assurance: If any quality problems arise they will be corrected free of charge if the problems are reported within 30 days of submission of our corrected document(s).

To send a text for proofreading, fill in the form below and click the "Send my text" button. You will be notified when your text is corrected. We will send you the corrected text by e-mail.


English text to correct

Write or paste the English text you want us to correct.

Required steps:

STEP 1: go to your original document (for example: go to Microsoft Word)
STEP 2: click on "Edit" and then on "Select All" (or "Ctrl"+"A" on your keyboard)
STEP 3: click on "Edit" and then on "Copy" (or "Ctrl"+"C" on your keyboard)
STEP 4: return to this order form
STEP 5: click into the text field shown below
STEP 6: click on "Edit" and then on "Paste" (or "Ctrl"+"V" on your keyboard)

In the following fields data will be shown depending on the amount of text shown above:

number of words
number of characters with spaces
price per word (US$)
full price (US$)

Contact information

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Credit card details

This is a secure on-line order form and because of this your credit card details will be sent to us in an encrypted format over the Internet.

Please select a type of your credit card:
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Here you can write additional explanations or instructions regarding your text.



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