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GrandDictionary™ is the largest Internet dictionary.

With a single click you can find translations of words and phrases and save time during translation.

Because of its advanced and intelligent features this dictionary is a must-have for everyone who is in contact with a foreign language (linguists, businessmen, students, translators, researchers, professors, developers, IT specialists...).

Available Versions

GrandDictionary™ is available in three versions: Basic, Standard and PRO.

GrandDictionary™ Features

GrandDictionary™ animation

Features unique to GrandDictionary™:

GrandDictionary™ PRO Interface

Note: Hold your mouse cursor over any number on the picture in order to see a short description.

From/To Search for word/phrase Word List Word types Translations Synonyms
GD - interface 1
  1. Language pair (i.e. German to English, English to French...).
  2. Search for word/phrase - here you can type the word or phrase you are searching for.
  3. Word list - during the input into the Search for word/phrase field, this list will automatically show words and phrases which are most similar to the input.
  4. Word types - shows all word types for the selected word in the Word list. This is important for many languages, because a single word can represent several different word types.
  5. Translations - shows the list of all available translations depending on your selection in the Word list, as well as your selection of the corresponding Word type.
  6. Synonyms - shows all words with similar meaning to the selected word. It also provides a broader selection of alternative translations.
Step back / forward Add new translation Definitions
GD - interface 2
  1. Step back / Step forward - this dictionary remembers the last 100 words which you searched for. Buttons are for navigating the list of recently searched words or phrases.
  2. Add new translation - here you can add new translations for a word which already exists in the dictionary or a completely new word. An unlimited number of words and phrases can be added.
  3. Definitions - shows a list of definitions for the selected word or phrase.

Add an unlimited number of new words and phrases.

Note: Hold your mouse cursor over any number on the picture in order to see a short description.

Word or phrase Show Add... Add To top/Up/Down Delete/Delete all
GD - addword
  1. Word or phrase - here you can input or paste a word/phrase for which you want to add translation(s).
  2. Show - display all translations for the word you typed in the Word or phrase field.
  3. Add... - press in order to add a new word if it does not exist in the dictionary.
  4. Add - press in order to add new translations for the selected word in the Word or phrase list.
  5. To top/Up/Down - move the selected translation to the top, or one step up or down in the list of available translations.
  6. Delete/Delete all - delete the selected translation / delete all translations in the list.

GrandDictionary™ PRO

If you need increased vocabulary and advanced features, we recommend GrandDictionary™ PRO.

GrandDictionary™ PRO, as compared to the Standard Edition of GrandDictionary™ PRO, has the following additional features:

With the advanced features of GrandDictionary™ PRO you will be able to find the proper translation more easily and more accurately in every occasion, especially when dealing with specialised terminology from various fields such as: architecture, art, banking, biology, building and construction, business, chemistry, civil engineering, economics, education, environmental engineering, geography, geology, history, hotel/catering and tourism/travel industry, information technology (IT), law and justice, mechanical engineering, medicine, military, physics, politics, sports, transport, etc.

Upgrading to GrandDictionary™ PRO

Users of Basic or Standard Edition of GrandDictionary™ can upgrade to GrandDictionary™ PRO for the difference in the price.

GrandDictionary™ Basic

GrandDictionary™ Basic is the most affordable version of GrandDictionary™.

GrandDictionary™ Basic, as compared to the Standard Edition of NeuroTran®, lacks the increased vocabulary, which contains more than 10 million two-word phrases in its translation knowledgebase. This means that it cannot use our Translation Server if the two-word phrase is not found in its local dictionary. All other features are equal to the Standard Edition of GrandDictionary™.

Upgrading to GrandDictionary™ Standard or PRO

Users of the Basic Edition of GrandDictionary™ can upgrade to GrandDictionary™ Standard or PRO for the difference in the price.


GrandDictionary® Feature Comparison List

  GrandDictionary® Basic GrandDictionary® Standard GrandDictionary® PRO
Increased vocabulary for phrases
(uses our Translation Server - contains more than 10 million two-word phrases)
Phrase definitions
Word definitions
Suggested collocations
Free Demo
Price $69 $149 $449
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Two-Word Phrase Search via our Translation Server (Standard/PRO version only):

Only GrandDictionary™ Standard and PRO allow connection to our Translation Server in case that two-word phrase is not found in local dictionary. This makes it possible to find up to 100 times more two-word phrases than in any other available dictionary. Additionally, GrandDictionary™ PRO can search for definitions of single words and phrases as well.

Figure 1: Searching For a Two-Word Phrase

Searching for a two-word phrase

The picture shows how the GrandDictionary™ successfully managed to find a German phrase "erste Dame" with the help of our Translation Server. The picture also shows that we requested definition of English translation, which was found with success.

Figure 2: Connecting to our Translation Server

Connecting to web server

In case that two-word phrase you search for cannot be found in the local dictionary, GrandDictionary™ Standard or PRO will automatically connect to our Translation Server in order to find the appropriate translation.

Figure 3: Result from our Translation Server

Web server result

After the query has been processed the Translation Server returns the translation result. It can also be seen that we requested definitions for each word inside a phrase separately, so we have the definition of English word "different" as well as the definition of English word "approach".

Figure 4: GrandDictionary™ PRO in action

An animated GrandDictionary PRO example

GrandDictionary™ PRO in action - an animated example of how GrandDictionary™ PRO works in practice.


Demo Sentence Request (Free Demo / Free Trial)

If you wish to send us your own sentence, please take the following steps:

For demo purposes, we will translate your text into English, French, German or Italian. We will not process multiple demo requests from the same person nor demo requests with inappropriate content.


Why is our demo/trial sent as an animated demo?

Our software has the ability to learn through user interaction. The animated demo has the ability to show a set of useful user actions.

Demo Animation Request

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System Requirements

For non-English language support you need to use the Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Me/2000 operating system.



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