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For users that have Palm m series, Palm Zire, Palm Tungsten, Handspring Visor, Handspring Treo, Sony Clie or other devices please see PalmTran by clicking here.

What is PocketTran?

PocketTran is a software translator from/to Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, European Portuguese, Filipino/Philipino/Tagalog, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Old Church Slavonic, Polish, Rumanian/Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin script), Serbian (Cyrillic script), Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Welsh.

PocketTran in action PocketTran translates:
  • words
  • phrases
  • sentences
  • SMS messages
  • e-mail
  • web pages
and other types of text.

Time savings

Numerous experiments conducted by our company show that using PocketTran can save up to 80% of your valuable time when translating and when you do not have access to a desktop computer.

Price: US$ 79


If you need support for typing non-English characters on your Pocket PC handheld device, then please download our free PocketKeys software.


PocketTran runs on:

  • Acer: Ferrari Racing, N10, N20, N20w, N30, N35, N50, N300, N310, N311

  • Asus: MyPal A600, MyPal A620, MyPal A620BT, MyPal A626, MyPal A632, MyPal A632N, MyPal A636, MyPal A636N, MyPal A639, MyPal A696, MyPal A716, MyPal A730, MyPal A730W, P505, P515, P525, P526, P527, P535, P550

  • Audiovox: 2032SP, Maestro PDA1032, PDA1032C, PPC4100, PPC5050, PPC6600, PPC6601, PPC6700, Thera PDA-2032, VX6601, XV6600, XV6700

  • Casio: A3012CA, A5302CA, Cassiopeia A-20, Cassiopeia DT-10, Cassiopeia E-100, Cassiopeia E-105, Cassiopeia E-115, Cassiopeia E-125, Cassiopeia E-200, Cassiopeia E-2000, Cassiopeia E-500, Cassiopeia E-700, Cassiopeia E-750, Cassiopeia EG-800, Cassiopeia EM-500, Cassiopeia IT-700, Cassiopeia PA-2400, GFORT

  • Compaq/HP: iPaq 1900 series, iPaq 2000 series, iPaq 2100 series, iPaq 2200 series, iPaq 3000 series, iPaq 3100 series, iPaq 3600 series, iPaq 3700 series, iPaq 3800 series, iPaq 3900 series, iPaq 4000 series, iPaq 4100 series, iPaq 4300 series, iPaq 5000 series, iPaq 5100 series, iPaq 5400 series, iPaq 5450 series, iPaq 5500 series, iPaq 5600 series, Compaq/HP iPaq 6000 series

  • CyberBank: POZ 1870, POZ 2470, POZ B300, POZ G300, POZ Triton 0880, POZ Triton 1880 KW, POZ X301, POZ X310, POZ X501

  • Dell: Axim X3, Axim X30, Axim X3i, Axim X5, Axim X50, Axim X50v, Axim X51, Axim X51v

  • Dopod: 595, 686, 696, 699, 700, 800, 818, 818 Pro, 828, 828+, 838, 838 Pro, 900, C800, CHT 9000, D810, M700, P100, P800W, U1000

  • E-Ten: G500, G500+, M500, M550, M600, M600+, Glofiish M700, Glofiish X500, Glofiish X800, P300, P300B, P600, P603, P610, P700

  • Everex: Freestyle A15, E500, E900, Neon

  • Fujitsu: F212i, F504i, Intertop, TeamPad 7600

  • Fujitsu Siemens: Pocket Loox 410, Pocket Loox 420, Pocket Loox 600, Pocket Loox 610, Pocket Loox 710, Pocket Loox 718, Pocket Loox 720, Pocket Loox C550, Pocket Loox M500, Pocket Loox M520, Pocket Loox N500, Pocket Loox N520, Pocket Loox N560, Pocket Loox T810, Pocket Loox T830

  • Garmin: iQue M3, iQue M4, iQue M5

  • Gigabyte: g-Smart q60, Gigabyte g-Smart t600, g-Smart i120, g-Smart i128, g-Smart i300

  • Hitachi: FLORA-ie MX1, G1000, HPW-200EC, HPW-20E8M, HPW-600JC, HPW-600JCM,

  • HP: 320LX, 360LX, 620LX, 660LX, Jornada 420, Jornada 430, Jornada 520, Jornada 520, Jornada 525, Jornada 540, Jornada 548, Jornada 560, Jornada 567, Jornada 568, Jornada 680, Jornada 690, Jornada 720, Jornada 728, Jornada 820, Jornada 928, iPAQ 111, iPAQ 114, iPAQ 211, iPAQ 310, iPAQ 510, iPAQ 610, iPAQ 1910/h1915, iPAQ h1920, iPAQ h1930, iPAQ h1940/h1945, iPAQ h2210/h2215, iPAQ h3100, iPAQ 3600, iPAQ h3700, iPAQ h3800/h3870, iPAQ h3900/h3950/h3970, iPAQ h4150/4155, iPAQ h4350/4355, iPAQ h5100/5400/5500, iPAQ h5450/5455, iPAQ h5550/h5555, iPAQ h6310/h6315, iPAQ h6320/6325, iPAQ h6340, iPAQ hw6500/hw6510/hw6515, iPAQ hw6900/hw6925, iPAQ hw6945, iPAQ hx2100, iPAQ hx2190, iPAQ hx2400/hx2410, iPAQ hx2490/hx2495, iPAQ hx2700/hx2750, iPAQ hx2790/hx2795, iPAQ hx4700/hx4705, iPAQ rw6100, iPAQ rw6815, iPAQ rw6828, iPAQ rx1950/rx1955, iPAQ rx3115, iPAQ rx3415, iPAQ rx3715, iPAQ rx4240, iPAQ rx5700, iPAQ rx5900/rx5915, iPAQ rx5935, iPAQ rz1710/rz1715

  • HTC: Advantage, Advantage X7500/7501, Apache, Artemis, Athena, Charmer, Herald, Hermes, Mogul, P3300, P3350, P3400, P3600, P4300, P4350, P6300, 8100, 8125, 8525, 8925, Galaxy, Panda, Prophet, Qwest 6700Q, Touch, Trinity, TyTN, TyTN II, Universal, Wizard, X7500

  • I-mate: JasJam, JAM, JAMin, JAQ, JAQ 3, Jasjar, K-Jam, PDA-N, PDA2, PDA2K, PDA2k EVDO, PDAL, Ultimate 5150, 6150, Ultimate 7150, Ultimate 8150, Ultimate 9150

  • Intermec: 600 series, 700 series, Intermec 6651, Model 70, Norand 5020, 6980, Norand 6985, CK60, CN30

  • LG: KC8100, KS20, PM80, PM800

  • MDA: Compact, Compact II, Compact III, MDA II, MDA III, MDA IV, MDA Pro, Touch, MDA US, Vario, Vario II, Vario III

  • Medion: MDPNA 100, MDPNA 1500, MDPPC 100, MDPPC 150, MDPPC 250

  • Mitac: Mio 168, Mio 168 RS, Mio 169, Mio 180, Mio 336, Mio 336BT, Mio 337, Mio 338, Mio 338 Plus, Mio 339, Mio 528, Mio 558, Mio 728, Mio A201, Mio A501, Mio A700, Mio A701, Mio A702, Mio P350, Mio P360, Mio P550, Mio P560

  • Mobile Crossing: WayPoint 100, WayPoint 200, MobilePro P300

  • Motorola: HC700-G, HC700-L, MC35, MC70, MC9000, MPx, Symbol

  • Movistar: TSM500, TSM 400, TSM 500

  • NEC: J-N51, MobilePro 200E, MobilePro 250E, MobilePro 300E, MobilePro 700, MobilePro 750C, MobilePro 770, MobilePro 780, MobilePro 800, MobilePro 880, MobilePro P300, N251i, N251iS, N503i, N503iS, N504i, N504iS

  • O2: XDA Atom, XDA Atom Exec, XDA Atom Life, XDA Atom Pure, XDA Denim, XDA Exec, XDA Flame, XDA II, XDA II mini, XDA II mini, XDA III, XDA IIi, XDA IIs, XDA IV, XDA Neo, XDA Orbit, XDA Stealth, XDA Trion, XDA Zinc, XDA mini/Pro, XDA mini S, Xda Comet, Xda Xda IQ, Xda Nova, Xda Terra

  • Orange: SPV M1000, SPV M2000, SPV M2500, SPV M3000, SPV M3100, SPV M500, SPV M5000, SPV M600, SPV M700

  • Packard Bell: PocketGear 2030, PocketGear 2060, PocketGear 3025

  • PalmOne: Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, Treo 750, Treo 750v, Treo 750w, Centro

  • Philips: Nino 200, Nino 300, Nino 301, Nino 302, Nino 500, Nino 510

  • QDA: Icon, Lite, Oh!

  • Qtek: 1010, 2020, 2020i, 2060, 9000, 9090, 9100, 9600, G100, S100, S110, S200, S300

  • RoverPC: W5, G5, P1, P3, P4, P5, P7, S5

  • Samsung: Samsung M400/M4000, SCH-M400, SCH-i730, SCH-i760, SCH-i830, SGH-i750, SGH-i770, SGH-i780, SPH-i700, i320N, i600, i700, i710, i730, i750, i760, i830, e-go Note

  • Sharp: HC-7000, MI-310 Pocket Zaurus, Moblon TriPad PV-6000, Zaurus SL-5500, Zaurus SL-5600, Zaurus SL-B500, W-ZERO3

  • Siemens: SX45, SX56, SX66

  • Sprint: 830W, Mogul, IP-830W, PPC-6600, PPC-6601, PPC-6700

  • Symbol: MC32, MC50, MC9000, MC9000-G, PDT 8000, PDT 8100, PDT 8800, PPT 2800, PPT 8800

  • T-Mobile: Ameo, MDA Compact, MDA Compact II, MDA Compact III, MDA II, MDA III, MDA Pro, MDA Touch, MDA Vario, MDA Vario II, Vario III, Wing

  • Torq: P100, P100w, P120, P525, PDAL, PM-80, PPC-6700, PPC6600, PPC6601, PPC6700

  • Toshiba: 2032, a5304t, c5001t, G500, G900, GENIO, Genio-e, Portege G500, Portege G900, e310, e330, e350, e355, e400/e405, e550, e550CT, e550DT, e550GT, e570, e740, e750, e755, e800/e805, e800w, e830, J-T51

  • UBiQUiO: 401, 501, 503G

  • ViewSonic: V35, V36, V37, ViewPad 100

  • Vodafone: Compact S, V1620, VPA, VPA Compact, VPA Compact GPS, VPA Compact II, VPA Compact III, VPA Compact S, VPA Compact V, VPA III, VPA IV, v1605, v1640

  • Yakumo: Alpha, Alpha X, Delta 300, Delta X

  • Alaska COVE Mexmal, Amedia (Pocket Pro 204, Pocket Pro 206), BCOM Handheld PC, BenQ P50, BenQ P51, Billington Pro-VI PDA, Canon EX-100P, CMC (861 PDA, 880 PDA, PPC-510 GPRS PDA Phone), Compal (PD131, PD500C, PD600C), Coregen Pro-VII PDA, Ericsson (MC12, MC218), E-Plus PDA III, E-Plus PDA IV, Gateway 100X, Grundig GR660, Grundig GR980, Husky (Fex21, FS/3, MP2500), Hyundai A100, Hyundai A200, IBM WorkPad z50, Inventec K871, i-teq Bond, i-teq X-Bond, Itronix (GoBook Q-100, T5200), JVC (iO MP-PV131, iO MP-PV331), Keyence XL-200, Kinpo iDO S600, Kinpo iDO S601, LEO Sync eColor, Lenovo ET-980, LG (LX5350, Phenom, RxPhenom), Mits SCH -M420, Mits SPH-M4300, Mitsubishi (D503iS, D505i), Mobile Assistant XPA S200, Motorola Q, NavMan PiN 570, NTT (DoCoMo Sigmarion 3, SpacePad), PC-EPhone, Pharos GPS Phone 600, Pharos Traveler GPS 525+, Psion Teklogix, Psion Workabout Pro/G2, Raytheon Agama, Razor Zayo A600, Royal (DaVinci DV6, DaVinci DV7), Sanyo (A3011SA, J-SA51), Socket Mobile SoMo 650, Sony SO503iS, TDS Recon (200C, 400C), Telexon Rugged Wireless PTC-960M, Topcon FC-1000 Field Controller, Traveler GPS 525, Trogon PalmPower! C-200, UR There @migo 600C, Vadem Clio, Verizon XV6600, Verizon XV6700

How many words does PocketTran have?

Depending on the language pair PocketTran has between 30,000 and 200.000 words (entries) on both sides of the dictionary. It has between 120,000 and 800,000 translations depending on the language pair.

Translation Steps Inside of PocketTran

If you wish to translate a word, phrase, text, SMS message, e-mail, web page or something similar you need to highlight the text, and then Edit->Copy, open PocketTran and then Edit->Paste.


Pocket PC device PocketTran translation from English to German PocketTran translation from English to French
Pocket PC device PocketTran translation from English to German PocketTran translation from English to French

PocketTran translation from French to English:
PocketTran before translation PocketTran during translation PocketTran before modifying
French to English before translation French to English during translation French to English before modifying
PocketTran during modifying PocketTran during modifying PocketTran during modifying
French to English modifying French to English modifying French to English modifying
PocketTran after modifying PocketTran after translation
French to English after modifying French to English after translation

New words and phrases can be added, in an unlimited number which is especially interesting for users that wish to translate technical texts. By adding your own translations you can achieve a significantly higher translation accuracy.


More example images and animations of translation from and to the English language:
German flag German Icelandic flag Icelandic Serbian flag Serbian (lat.) S.Arabian flag Saudi Arabian
French flag French Dutch flag Dutch Serbian flag Serbian (cyr.) Egyptian flag Egyptian
Spanish flag Spanish Flemish flag Flemish Bulgarian flag Bulgarian Algerian flag Algerian
Italian flag Italian Welsh flag Welsh Romanian flag Romanian Iraqi flag Iraqi
Portuguese flag Portuguese Czech flag Czech Ukrainian flag Ukrainian Chinese flag Chinese
Brazilian flag Braz. Portuguese Polish flag Polish Russian flag Russian Japanese flag Japanese
Norwegian flag Norwegian Hungarian flag Hungarian Albanian flag Albanian Korean flag Korean
Swedish flag Swedish Slovenian flag Slovenian Turkish flag Turkish Vietnamese flag Vietnamese
Finnish flag Finnish Croatian flag Croatian Greek flag Greek Indian flag Hindi
Danish flag Danish Bosnian flag Bosnian Latin flag Latin Philippines flag Tagalog

How to use PocketTran for communication with a person who does not speak your language nor do you speak their language?

Task: You wish to tell the other person something

Task: The other person wishes to tell you something

The method described above is sufficient to enable communication between two people who do not speak the same language to communicate. The only hard part (if it can be called hard) is how quickly you can teach the other person with a show-and-do method. However, this can be done by showing the other person a few examples which in our experiments takes up to 1 minute to accomplish if one opts for teaching the other person only the keyboard input methodology.

A valuable feature of PocketTran is that it constantly tracks the translations you choose and in this way constantly learns from you. The number of learned translation choices, as well as the number of newly added words, is limited only by the amount of free memory in your PocketTran device.


PocketTran in action

PocketTran in action


PocketTran is 100% compatible with Windows CE, Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 (e.g. Compaq iPaq, HP Jornada, Pocket PC, etc.). PocketTran can be bought either alone (software only) or with any Pocket PC device that is included in our current offer.


PocketTran Price List

PocketTran can be bought either as software only or with any device that we have in our current offer.

PocketTran price list

PocketTran CD

PocketTran - software only

  • Supported languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, European Portuguese, Filipino/Philipino/Tagalog, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Old Church Slavonic, Polish, Rumanian/Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin script), Serbian (Cyrillic script), Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Welsh.

HP rz1710

PocketTran package with a handheld device

  • When traveling you can communicate with people who do not understand your language
  • The device has an address book, organizer and reminder with alarm
  • Time zones - accurate time wherever you are
  • Display : TFT, 240 x 320 pixels, 65000 colors.
  • CPU: Samsung™ S3C2410 203MHz
  • RAM: 25 MB
  • Expandable by MMC, SD and SDIO cards
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Connection with PC: IRDA, USB HotSync® cable
  • Battery type: Li-Ion, rechargeable
  • Dimensions: 113 mm x 69 mm x 13 mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Operating system: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
  • Software: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Voice Recorder, Notes, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Internet Explorer, Pocket MSN, Windows Media Player 9 (MP3, audio and video streaming), Calculator, Solitaire, Jawbreaker, Messaging, File Explorer, Pictures, Terminal Services Client, VPN Support (PPTP), Infrared Beaming, Clock, Align Screen, Memory, Volume control

License Number

Because of piracy protection (in many countries over 80%) during the first run of PocketTran, the program will ask you for a license number. In order to receive your license number, you will have to send us the reference number shown in a grayed textbox on your screen. The reference number will have 9 digits and will begin with the letter P. Please send us your reference number via e-mail to: [email protected]. Without the reference number we will be unable to send you your unique license number.

Professional Translators

The biggest advantage for professional translators is that they can cut down the time required to perform the translation of any document. Instead of carrying a heavy dictionary around, all one needs is a handheld device that contains all the translations that will be needed from time to time.

PocketTran offers a number of alternative translations so that you don't need to look in specialised dictionaries for an appropriate translation.

The other advantage for professional translators is that they can optimise the software for their needs so that they can enter their preferred translations which the program will memorise and offer at the top of the list of alternative translations during every subsequent translation session.

If you have a list of translations in any specialised area, e.g. 500 or 1000, you can send these to us so that we can optimise our translation software. The package which includes optimisation of the software is called PocketTran Professional. For more information on the PocketTran Professional edition of our software please send us an e-mail to: [email protected].


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More Information

For more information about our software please send an e-mail to: [email protected]